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We sell the chess only for wholesaler, shops and clubs. We do not sell the chess sets as retailer.

Prices & Conditons
We have two pricelistes i.e. in euro and in US-Dollar so please send us a mail to kompakt@onet.pl with question about prices and give in subject euro or usd value you wish. The prices are counted on the rate of exchange – so they are the same.

Delivery cost you have to ad to the quote of chess sets. We have some speditons we make regulaty shipment with them so if you let us know the quotations of chess sets we can prepare an offer with delivery cost.

Some examples /it is not an offer/:
In Europe
small order; 30-40 kg chess = ca. 30-40,00 euro; dependly of country
bigger order; 100-300 kg chess = ca. 120-200,00 euro;
big order will be separat calculated; it possible to do the delivery with our own transportation

USA, Canada, Australien and other countries:
small order; we suggest in that case to order only samples till for example 20 kg and delivery with Polish Post cost ca. 40-50 USD
bigger and big order: via ship it is ca. 1,00 USD/kg
via air is is ca. 2,00 USD/kg

Prepare for shipment
The prepare of the chess sets to the delivery depends on the quantity and periode in a yaer but we will care about the chess sets are ready for shipment:
Small orders - 2 days till 1 week
Big orders - 2 weeks

Payment only via wire transfer on our bank account. Payment in advance, lates a two days befor shipment.